Welcome to Mahogany Skin Care, a lifestyle of spa, beauty and wellness!

Our philosophy is: “If it’s not safe enough to eat, why put it on your skin?”

We feature topics relating to body products, wellness, DIY spa recipes, the home-spa experience, and how to de-stress in the midst of chaos! You’ll find that our products and recipes incorporate food-based ingredients for a safer and natural approach. 

Our mantra is: Relax. Release. 

My journey in spa began in 2011 while obtaining my license in professional massage therapy. Although my sole intention was to work in Sports Massage, the moment we began spa work, I was hooked. I was already familiar with sugar scrubs and body butters because my sister was a Mary Kay consultant when I was younger. However, being in a modern state-of-the-art spa facility with hydro-tubes, vichy showers, sauna steam rooms and anything else you could imagine being in a high-end day spa made a tremendous impact on my journey. 

Along with working in professional Sports with various the leagues, such as the NBA, NFL, MLB and Soccer I’ve had the blessing of working in some of the most luxurious hotel spas in Downtown Chicago and Houston. In 2013 I was blessed with opening my very own boutique spa (Origins Massage Spa) offering body wraps, body scrubs, warm oil treatments, facial massages, steam treatments and of course full body massages. Additionally, I launched Mahogany Skin Care as the spa product line so that my clients could transform their home into a home-spa and re-experience my services at any time. 

On top of the spa and sports industry, I’ve also worked as a Medical Massage Therapist working with clients recovering from strokes, clients with various forms of cancer (who were not receiving chemo), prenatal and post-natal clients, clients were recovering from surgeries (reconstructive, medical and cosmetic), clients with conditions such as TMJ, insomnia, PTSD and other conditions. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve had to cease my work as a Professional Massage Therapist. However, that didn’t stop me from assisting my clients who were reaching out to me for wellness and relaxation tips that they could continue while sheltering-in-place. This is why we are here. I want to continue helping others find peace, relaxation and wellness from the comfort and safety of their own home and achieve amazing results. Yes, it is possible to still have that luxurious spa experience and find calmness in the midst of chaos. I’m here to help you do exactly that. 

So here you will have access to everything I’ve learned over 10 years of working in the spa, sports environment. While I do have medical massage experience, I will not provide medical advice here. You will find tips to achieve wellness.  And because I’ve had the blessing of working with professional athletes over this period – those with and without injuries – I’ll also share what I’ve learned in helping them regain mobility and heal faster. 

Now that we’re official, you have permission to relax and release with Mahogany Skin Care! 

For any questions or to simply contact me, head over to our Contact page. Those messages come to me directly. 

Peace + Wellness,