They Tell Pain to Take A Hike!

With two severe back injuries, Linda would probably be one of the last people you’d expect to briskly walk six or more miles every evening. In fact, the 48-year-old housewife says that her back actually gets worse if she misses her nightly jaunts. “When I don’t walk at all I can really tell,” says Linda. “I’m in a lot of pain.”

Linda says she has carefully developed her own special walking technique that minimizes the stress and strain on her back. “I have to be aware of every step-being careful to avoid uneven pavement, for example,” she says.

Massage to the Rescue!

The soothing comfort of massage is also a favorite back pain treatment among many. For some, massage is essential in helping to recover from injuries.

Charles’ need for back massage came as a result of an uncooperative roof truss at work where he was knocked off the cart and onto the concrete floor. Yet, the back massages provided by his wife seem to ease the pain, he says.

Because massage stimulate circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid (which tends to pool around the site of an injury), it can help reduce swelling and even promote healing.

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