by Shimah Muhammad

The climate you live in as well as environmental differences can greatly effect your hair. Switching from one weather condition to another can dry your hair out and cause massive amounts of breakage. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your hair as moisturized as possible whether you are weathering extreme heat or cold. The best products to use to battle Mother Nature are…..ALL NATURAL!
There are other factors to consider when discussing your environment such as hard water. Hard water is one of the most disrespectful issues that we face. To counteract it, you absolutely have to make sure that your hair is heavily moisturized. It is best to apply the L.O.C Method if you find yourself in undesirable weather conditions.

The L.O.C Method is a three step process consisting of:
L: Leave-In Conditioner that is water or aloe based (preferably a spray).
O: Oil to seal in the moisture.
C: Creamy product to seal in the moisture and oil previously applied.

Following these steps will assist with the repairing of damage already done and also prevent further damage.


Sister Shimah Muhammad