by Ebony S. Muhammad

I’ve gotten a few mixed reviews from friends about coffee smoothies, and I had to share a few amazing facts regarding the benefits! Now, a couple of these friends are not coffee drinkers so it’s not surprising to receive looks of confusion when sharing how delicious an organic dark sweet cherry – coffee smoothie is! #YUM While coffee smoothies may be less common to some, especially those who are more used to the protein powders or traditional fruit smoothies, there are many health and wellness benefits to a coffee smoothie!

Now I am a MAJOR coffee-head! I love the aroma, various blends and roasts. It has truly become a culture in itself. Therefore, I was not surprised that it found itself in smoothies as a beneficial component. Just in case you didn’t know, here are a few of the health benefits coffee has to offer:

  • Improved Mood
  • Better Concentration
  • Alertness
  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • Reduced Muscle Pain
  • Antioxidant Rich
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Asthma Relief
  • Aids Digestion


Of course adding fruit to a coffee smoothie enhances the amount of antioxidants (such as vitamins A, C, E) that neutralize free radicals, preventing cellular damage, disease and disorders. According to News Medical, cell damage caused by free radicals appears to be a major contributor to aging and diseases like:

  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • decline in brain function
  • decline in immune system etc.

Overall, free radicals have been implicated in the pathogenesis of at least 50 diseases.

Fruit and dairy combinations to be mindful of:

Bananas with milk. This combination as one of the heaviest and toxin-forming. It is said to create heaviness in the body and slow down the mind. If you are a fan of milk-based banana smoothies make sure that banana is very ripe and add cardamom and nutmeg to stimulate digestion.

Yogurt with fruit. This combo can produce toxins and cause sinus congestion, cold, cough and allergies. It is suggested to avoid congestive and digestive fire dampening foods like cold yogurt mixed with fruits. However, if you can’t resist the temptation of a yogurt parfait, there are ways to make it more digestion friendly. First, go for a room temperature natural unflavored yogurt. Secondly, mix a little bit of honey, cinnamon, and raisins (sun dried) instead of sour berries.  via Mind Body Green

So with all that said, here is one of my favorite coffee smoothies!


  Cherry – Coffee Smoothie

PREP TIME: 1 minute

This bitter-sweet fusion packs an extra dose of antioxidants, thanks to cherries. (Did you know drinking cherry juice can help you sleep an extra 90 minutes a night?)

¾ c frozen cherries (organic dark sweet cherries)
¾ c almond milk
½ c cold coffee or coffee ice cubes
½ tsp vanilla

COMBINE all ingredients in the blender and whirl until smooth.

NUTRITION (per serving) 120 cal, 2 g pro, 23 g carb, 3 g fiber, 19 g sugars, 2 g fat, 0 g sat fat, 115 mg sodium


Be sure to leave a comment and tell us about your favorite coffee smoothie!

For medical concerns, please be sure to consult your physician.