Chocolate and cocoa are a couple of the best agents for detoxifying the body of impurities, pollutants and toxins. These elements make wonderful treatments to boost immune system, hydration and are anti-inflammatory agents. Not only do they detoxify, they’re great antioxidants that protect healthy cells of the body from damage, disease and severe disorders. Chocolate protects the skin from dangerous UV rays, which can cause sun burns and skin cancer.


Chocolate’s high caffeine content stimulates circulation, allowing the blood to naturally rejuvenate and heal the skin. Antioxidants also give the skin a plumper, firmer feel and help cells build collagen and elastin.


The natural oils found in cocoa butter are usually combined with other traditional massage oils, like safflower and olive oils, which work into the skin to give it deep moisture. The antioxidants found in chocolate also help in the skin retain moisture long after the massage is over.


Dark chocolate is especially rich in antioxidants, which can boost your cardiovascular system. Chocolate positively affects your brain by causing feelings of euphoria. According to Hirsch, even the smell of rich chocolate can give someone the mental and physical benefits normally enjoyed with consumption.